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Sunday, August 22, 2010

BLOG AWARD!!!!!!!!

OMGoodness!!!!~~~ Look what I received from Lorraine--coldwaters2--go to her blog if you would to see her award also!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you HUN~~you have always commented and been so very kind  and now this~~It tickles me PINK!!!!!

Now for the rules:

No: 1 - Thank the people who gave you the award---
         God bless you Lorraine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No: 2 - Post the award on your blog

No:3 - List 3 things about yourself.
          * I Love life and crafting
          * I live for my family and am so proud of each one
          * I would rather stay home than go on vacation :o)

No: 4 - Post a Picture You Love
         I have to post 2 pics :)
Me and hubby (Denny)

Our Loves in their shades:      Eric, Alissa and Kim

No 5:  Pass the award onto five other friends~~~~~~~~~~~~
These People TRULY Bless Me with Inspiration, Love, Admiration and Praise--
Love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Appreciate your visit! You have truly brightened my day!! Photobucket


sundownerin said...

that is a very nice award!!! congrats, aaaaaand your blog is really wonderful!

coldwaters2 said...

Awww Mary Lou you are so welcome, when I received this award I knew that you were one of the people I wanted to pass it onto I am so glad you like it, I love those pictures of you and your family they are fabulous.
Lorraine x

Chelsea said...

Oh Mary Lou! You are so sweet for including me on your list! I feel so honored! Thank you so much and congrats on receiving this award as well. I love it! *HUGS*
I'm with you on the "I rather stay home then go on vacation"! :) and those are gorgeous photos! I can't wait to share mine! Thanks a million! :)
Lots of Love,

Kim said...

Thanks Mommy!!!! :) You brought a smile to me today!!!
Love~ Kim

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me Mary sweet of you!